Tuesday, September 13, 2005


“Zuma - King of Snakes”
History: Something of a demigod, Zuma was the son of the aztec serpent god Kukulkan. He had been entombed in a buried aztec pyramid until it was unearthed by an archaeological expedition. Unleashed into the modern world, he went on a murderous rampage. He took a bride, a madwoman who bore him a daughter, Galema. She looked almost human, but she was born with a two-headed snake around her neck like her father. Ironically, she held the key to her father's downfall. As Zuma held up his daughter, her snakes bit him. As it turned out, Galema's venom was toxic to her own father. Zuma appeared to die, and it seemed as though his reign of terror had ended. But only for a while. Zuma had not died, but had only gone into hibernation. He awoke years later to resume his war on humanity. His arch-nemesis turned out to be his now grown-up daughter Galema, who had been raised by human foster parents and stood on the side of good. Zuma sired another child, the dinosaur-man Dino. For a time, Dino stood by his father's side, but later turned against him after falling in love with a human.
Created by Jim Fernandez.