Thursday, September 29, 2005

“ZUMA” Created by Jim Fernandez

Penciled and inked by Edbon Sevilleno / Colors by Palitang Piksel

Sunday, September 25, 2005

“ Alupihang Dagat”

Inspired from Pablo S. Gomez “ Alupihang Dagat”.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

“Totoy Bato”

Inspired from Carlo J. Caparas “ Durugin si Totoy Bato”.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Zuma Inked

It takes me 2 long nights to cracked the inking of this. Madugo! At mas lalo akong duduguin nito pag dating na sa kulay. Though it's painstaking, it's worth doing it. What matter most is your passion in your craft, and that's what keep us all going.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

“The Valley of the Dead”

There are nights like last night that you can't simply sleep. I always see to it that I have pencils and sketchpads always beside my bed. So I could do doodles within a reach. Ideas keeps lurking especially during this time of the night. It has been a habit to sketched whatever comes in mind... and you just never realize... what reveals infront of you... a world you have just put into reality. And time passed so fast you never know... it's almost past four in the morning.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


“Zuma - King of Snakes”
History: Something of a demigod, Zuma was the son of the aztec serpent god Kukulkan. He had been entombed in a buried aztec pyramid until it was unearthed by an archaeological expedition. Unleashed into the modern world, he went on a murderous rampage. He took a bride, a madwoman who bore him a daughter, Galema. She looked almost human, but she was born with a two-headed snake around her neck like her father. Ironically, she held the key to her father's downfall. As Zuma held up his daughter, her snakes bit him. As it turned out, Galema's venom was toxic to her own father. Zuma appeared to die, and it seemed as though his reign of terror had ended. But only for a while. Zuma had not died, but had only gone into hibernation. He awoke years later to resume his war on humanity. His arch-nemesis turned out to be his now grown-up daughter Galema, who had been raised by human foster parents and stood on the side of good. Zuma sired another child, the dinosaur-man Dino. For a time, Dino stood by his father's side, but later turned against him after falling in love with a human.
Created by Jim Fernandez.

The Sword Master

“The Head Hunter”

See the round razor sharp steel on his hand? Its design to cut off heads like a snap of a finger.

Sgt. Joe Trigger

A character was born. I just did it for myself. It's not a commission, unknown, no comic book series. But the love and joy of doing it, that's good enough for me. To create works like this one... it's already a success. Mababaw lng ang kaligayahan natin. You know what comes after this? Here come's the fun part.. offers online keep coming in for this unknown character... nakakatuwa lang.

A Sketch

Everything starts from a Sketch. As always as any other artist as well... we always treasured our sketches. Any great ideas comes from it. It's like love at first sight.

Bat Glider

Almost all of us loves Batman. When I was a kid he's my favorite, and up to now he's still No. 1 in my heart. But one thing stupid about the bat hero... his cape! He doesn't fly but he has one. But it looks good on him. I did this drawing studies for a bat glide, just somehow to answer my long time craving for an answer on this issue. This one is a light engineless device that aids gliding whenever he needed it. Anything can happen in comics.

“Gotham Goons”

Why Batman was beaten so hard in the streets of Gotham City?

Comment by Guido de Bue: Hi. The only reason I can find is that it must be in the number of muggers. But it also shows clearly how troublesome a cape can be in a fight.